Is It Hight Time to Let Your Employees Work from Home?

For the last several years the work from home become a key to business growth for many companies. Despite the fact, that managers often worry about lower productivity or multitasking, mixing personal responsibilities with work.  Also, there are concerns allowing employees to work from anywhere could decrease communication and collaboration among coworkers.

 More and more people decide to work remotely as it has a lot of advantages. Now we will try to clarify is it useful and profitable for an employer to let the employee work remotely?

Of course, there are many benefits, but it takes a little planning and the right tools to make it work. You can manage your virtual team by using a calendar, video conference, and knowledge-sharing tools to keep everyone in the loop. And, you might use online time and attendance software to track when employees are working. Here are a few reasons you should consider allowing remote work on your growing team.  

Less distraction

Sometimes working in an office can become a real nightmare, especially when you need to focus on accomplishing the task. It is a typical situation for office workspace when someone is loudly talking on the phone or has a conversation. Moreover, Payroll study found that of 2,060 professionals surveyed, 61% agreed that loud colleagues are the biggest office distraction. So working from home not only reduce these distractions but also yields more time for employees to do their tasks interruption-free.

Less stress

Even if you’re working in an office and you have ample space to do your work, being confined to an office can be stressful itself. The survey reported that people who telecommute experience less stress. Stress can impact your productivity and attitude to work, so any opportunity you have to reduce the amount of stress you feel during the day is not only good for you and your employer but more importantly, your overall health.

Less expense

Nowadays, email and phone are the most common means of business communication so that there is no need to spend money on offices and many other things needed for office workers. It can not only increase productivity but also can save a lot of money.

While some companies may view remote work as counter-productive, the reality is, it’s the way of the future. One study reported that 68% of job seekers would have increased interest in a company that offered the ability to work remotely. Also, the number of people who work remotely has only gone up over the years. So it’s high time for the employer to let the employees work remotely, and take care of the future.

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