IT Outsourcing vs Our Remote Development Model

People are always confused about the services we deliver. For sure working with us is the best choice if you’re considering remote development. So we will try to clarify what we are actually doing and how our working model differs from outsourcing one. Let’s have a look.


Communication is a really important factor, and it’s a real crash if poor communication slows down the development process or progress. In the outsourcing model, you communicate with a team of managers or team lead. But in our case, you communicate directly to the remote developers from the very beginning.


Also, another important factor is to be sure that the team you work with is 100% dedicated to you and doesn’t work for anyone else. We help to hire and form a top remote team that will work directly with you as full-time employees.


Dealing with our working model you are aware of how much our partnership will cost you at the end of the month, as you bay fixed monthly salary to your employees.  In the case of outsourcing, you pay for the total amount of hours that went into the development process and it can vary from month to month. Moreover, all additional changes and improvements require additional fees and costs. So that it is really difficult to predict monthly expenses.

Talent pool

In addition to all, you take part in screening and interviewing potential candidates and decide on your own. It gives the opportunity to check their ability to communicate and collaborate from afar. In outsourcing vice versa, you choose the outsourcing vendor but don’t even know the members of the team who will actually responsible for development.

As you can see there is a lot of benefits of working with us. We have helped to set up a number of remote development teams for startups and businesses all over the world. Using the best practices, expertise and direct access to a vast talent pool, we can help you build your own dream team.

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