About Us

We would like to bring here the short story of our business, so you can understand better what helps us to move forward. 

Few years ago, we started the IT outsourcing company, it was pretty small, but we gain a huge experience out of it, we have understood so many pitfalls the most clients have. Honestly, we have seen so many fails of both clients and developers, for sure, there were a success stories. We worked hard to analyze and understand each success and fail story and started to notice some common things for most of the IT outsourcing clients. They all highly overpay for the developers, they never communicate with developers directly and fail the communication with overseas project manager, who is supposed to make the things easier, but on practice never does. On the other side, all clients tend to save up the development costs or just can’t afford the local project managers with the team of developers. 

This is the reason, why we decided to found the Talendeed and close the outsourcing company. We want to keep our clients happy and successful, we want them to have access to a pool of tech talents for a fair prices, we want the talents to get paid fairly and feel happy. 

Our business model, helps us to keep our fees low and your prices and developer’s salaries fair. Our experience, helps us to make you successful. We help you not to only save the development costs, but spend them in more efficient way, combine the local project manager with the remote development team. We bring you the top tech talents from Eastern Europe, you or your project manager communicates directly with each developer, there are no middle-mans. 

We are bullish for the tech talents and your success, the client experience is #1 priority for us, so feel free to contact us and let’s start making the world great together!

Peter Dubas

Co-founder & CSO

I personally have a huge experience of web-development and IT outsourcing, which helps me to understand the pitfalls it brings to the potential clients. Most clients fail to work with IT outsourcers due to their 2x-3x fees, as the result most business owners feel disappointed by the remote experience. This is the main reason why me and my partner Yuri decided to bring you the fair model with low fees, which allows you, as the business owner, get the remote talents for a fair price and with a fair experience.  

Feel free to contact me and I will let you more! 


Yuri Halushchak

Co-founder & CRO

Over the past few years, I have worked closely with a huge amount of different developers and clients. I have seen so many good and bad fits, which helps me now to predict who will be a good, long-term and successful fit and who will just be a waste of time. This gives me the power to connect the top tech talents with the best clients and see how they both achieve the success in synergy.

Drop me a line and I will help you to find a perfect fit!