Brief Overview of the IT industry in Ukraine

The development of the IT industry in Ukraine, which is mostly represented by outsourcing service, is far ahead of the average pace of development of the segment in the world. In addition to its immediate economic impact, the relatively young industry in our country has become an important element in creating a modern image of […]

IT Outsourcing vs Our Remote Development Model

People are always confused about the services we deliver. For sure working with us is the best choice if you’re considering remote development. So we will try to clarify what we are actually doing and how our working model differs from outsourcing one. Let’s have a look. Communication Communication is a really important factor, and […]

Are Remote Workers More Productive than the In-House One?

In every step of our life, we are surrounded by stereotypes and myths connected to culture, everyday thing and even work. And we will try to dispel one that remote workers are less productive and more distracted.  Great percentage of employers believes that it is just too easy for the remote workers to face all […]

How to Manage Remote Developers and Team Efficiently

Today more and more people decide to work remotely as it has a lot of benefits, for instance, a better work-life balance and opportunity for employers to pick from a wider pool of talent. In accordance with the recent estimates from Gallup and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 22% of Americans work from home, while […]